DELTA Awards Frequently Asked Questions


The award application has two phases:

Phase 1 - Expression of Interest

The expression of interest is a brief submission that:

  • Identifies and provides a description of the discipline group
  • Outlines their key achievements and the impact that they have observed to date that distinguishes them
  • Outlines the rationale and drivers behind the commitment they have, and the contributions they will continue to make
  • Identifies the body of evidence that the discipline group would call on and which will be provided freely at the next phase

The expression of interest must be submitted by May 30th @5pm. All expressions of interest will be reviewed by an international review panel of disciplinary experts. The review panel will identify the submissions to be invited to progress to the second phase to develop the full application for a DELTA award (June 15th 2017 @ 12pm).

The expression of interest form will be available on the National Forum website from 10th April onwards.

Phase 2 - Full Submission of Application for a Delta Award

Full applications for the 2017 DELTA Awards must be submitted through the DELTA Award online interface available from June 15th 2017. The submission interface will require applicants to articulate their past and future commitment to teaching excellence as outlined in the Delta Awards information briefing paper here and captured in the call for submission here

All those progressing to Phase 2 will be invited to attend a scheduled face-to-face workshop to discuss the submission process on the 19th June 2017 (Venue TBC).

Key Dates
DELTA Awards Launch March 21st 2017
Webinar on Expression of Interest April 10th 2.30pm
Face-to-Face Workshop re Phase 2 process June 19th 2017
Submission of Expression of Interest May 30th @5pm
Online Interface for Phase 2 Submissions Opens June 15th 2017
Notification of Submissions to continue to Phase 2 – Full Application Development June 15th 2017
Face-to-Face Information Workshop for Phase 2 June 19th 2017
Final Date for Submission of Applications Nov 30th 2017 @ 12pm
Announcement of Awardees Feb 22nd 2018
Presentation of Awards Mar 21st 2018

A disciplinary group must be:

  • A functional unit recognised by the institution (The registrar of the institution is required to confirm their recognition of the discipline group as part of the application process)
  • Responsible for a readily identifiable cohort of students

No, once the criteria outlined in FAQ2 have been met.

Yes, a programme team is an appropriate group. The criteria in FAQ2 must be met.

No, it is important that the process leading to a submission is a committed activity, without reference to other levers. NB there is an endorsement with the award that is valid for three years.

The DELTA Award provides opportunities for endorsing, recognising, sharing, and publicising your commitment to teaching excellence.

The runner-up will be offered the opportunity to meet with the international panel for significant formative feedback on their application. Written feedback on all submissions will also be provided to all applicants.

The indicative numbers of applications in Phase 2 per institution are 2 applications per 5000 FTE students registered.

There is no limit to the number of Expression of Interest submissions that can be submitted by each institution in Phase 1.

Sample Text

I would like to confirm that the disciplinary-focused group (Name of Group) is a recognised unit within this institution and is responsible for an identifiable cohort of students.

This application is one of ( no. of application in total from the institution) from this institution.

The institution fully supports this application for the 2017 DELTA Awards.



The DELTA Award winners will be invited to an awards ceremony on the 21st March 2018 in the Printworks, Dublin Castle. Each awardee will receive a unique 3D award that captures their collaborative commitment to teaching excellence.

The National Forum in partnership with the Design Craft Council of Ireland and Future Makers are currently running a National Competition to identify the design for this unique piece.

In addition to this unique piece, Awardees will also achieve a Digital Badge that will enable them to showcase their commitment to teaching excellence in all their communication and promotional activities.